Sunday, October 4, 2009

Widget For Tracking Blogspot Visitors

Ive been googling for some Blogger Visitor widgets and most of them seem to redirect you to specific sites for getting information after you add a bit of code in the templates. Services like comstat seem to do that.

Having used Wordpress before, I like their idea of seeing each post and how many users visited those pages from the admin pages. That's more intuitive and easy for the user. Infact, the earlier post I made about Monitoring Traffic for Blogger Hosted sites requires that you login to Google Analytics to view that.

Im thinking of writing a plugin that would gather information from Google Analytics (And they have an api) and show it as a widget in the Admin Panel. Im doing this just to learn a bit of how to write widgets for Blogger as well as make it easier for bloggers to view traffic info.

Is there something like this available already ?

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