Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time Tracking System in Ruby on Unfuddle

Last year, when I wanted to create a timetracking system for my team, I thought of picking one from the Opensource world but couldnt find one that will fit my needs. I could have customized one of the existing ones, but they were either commercial or too primitive. I took that as an excuse to do an app in Rails and called it YATSA (Yet Another TimeSheet Application). It has the following concepts
  • People
  • Department
  • Activities
People belong to a Department and there could be many activities in a department. When someone logs in to enter time, they are presented with the departments to which they have access and on selecting a department, the activities associated with that department are chosen. The person can then enter start/end times and a description. You could then run reports for yourself or your team (if you are an Department Admin) and export the reports to Excel as well.

The Features document is available here. The project itself is uploaded to Unfuddle. Unfuddle does not have public access yet, but if you need the code, let me know, I can help create an account on the system for you to access it (The free version only supports 2 users, and Im one of them, Im planning to use the other version as the "public" user). There have been requests from a commercial firm asking to add Projects to this list so we can associate People to Projects.  I will be adding those into this system. I will also add instructions on how to set this up, so if anyone is interested, they could use this. There is no license for it right now, but Ill set it up under Apache License 2.0.

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